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Château d'Aïre

185 – 187 Route d’Aïre
1219 Aïre – Geneva, Switzerland

+41 (0) 22 732 07 12
(For general inquiries)



Château d'Aïre

187 Route d’Aïre
1219 Aïre – Geneva, Switzerland

+41 (0) 22 732 07 22

(President office related inquiries)


Château d'Aïre

185 Route d’Aïre
1219 Aïre – Geneva, Switzerland

+41 (0) 22 732 07 12
(For admission only)

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The renowned university established since 1984


UMEF has experience in higher education since 1984, offering various programmes from bachelor’s to doctoral programmes in a city known for its highly international character due to the presence of a large number of supranational organisations.

Accredited and recognised by IACBE, ASIC and EduQua accreditations for its academic excellence

Offers a unique and friendly learning environment in a unique setting


UMEF has decided to be in historic continuity of Europe’s outstanding university background and, thus, its campus is located in a 15th-century castle in Geneva. This location offers its facility an approximately two-hectare campus that includes classrooms, computer rooms, a research centre, cafeteria and other facilities, which have been provided for recreational use.

A university that maintains standards of excellence


UMEF is proud of the fact that it constantly updates its curricula and syllabi to maintain the standards of learning the right skills to enable its students to rapidly obtain employability or create their own businesses.

UMEF involves all its stakeholders, such as members of the faculty, management, students and outside stakeholders, in meetings to evaluate and freely discuss maintaining its excellence and further improving the quality of its teaching and learning processes. Furthermore, UMEF reviews an analysis of the satisfaction of all its stakeholders.

UMEF is active in three continents: Europe, Asia and Africa


UMEF is active in several countries across three continents. This allows students to access the quality of education offered by this university with its highly qualified faculty in their own countries without having to live abroad.

International exchange programmes


UMEF encourages its students to continue their studies in one or several of its other campuses or to be an exchange student in one of its partner universities. In all cases, the financial requirements will remain those of the initial campus. This is a privilege unique to UMEF students.

International faculty with practical experience

International students from around the world


UMEF welcomes students from all over the world for two main reasons – to train the leaders of tomorrow to assist themselves and their country after their experience in Geneva where a large number of international institutions are based and to allow its students to freely exchange ideas and to better appreciate the diversity of thinking, doing and understanding the complexity of the world.

Focusses on student employability and career growth


The first priority of UMEF is the employability and career-building of its students and alumni and, thus, the accent is placed on curricula to ensure that it meets the needs of employers nationally and internationally. This is further encouraged by conducting seminars and workshops with speakers from the public and private sector who have diverse international backgrounds but work in Geneva. This enables students to understand international issues and their relevance to them.

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