Student Testimonials

Student Testimonials

Student Testimonials

Studying at SU is a rewarding experience. Students appreciate particularly the high level of the faculty, the mix of cultures both inside and outside SU, and the experience of living in Geneva. It is not uncommon for graduating students to say this will have been the best time in their lives. We offer you below student testimonials from students from all over the world.

Mahmood QADRI


Doing a PhD was something I had always dreamed about, wished for and planned for, but due to my very busy schedule I was unable to do so. I was always looking for a prestigious university to give me the opportunity to do my PhD and my work at the same time. SU made this possible, for which I am very much obliged.

Here at SU’s Kabul campus in Afghanistan, I have the opportunity to see my supervisor, discuss my research issues and get his advice. This has made my life very much easier and my work more up to the mark. I have found the quality of SU education to be far beyond my expectations. All the professors and management staff I have communicated with so far possess a high level of professionalism, knowledge and experience. I feel proud to be student on the PhD programme at SU!

Manal SAADI,

Master of International Relations & Diplomacy

“I will never forget my first day at Swiss UMEF University, after visiting many private schools in Geneva, the interview with the Rector of Swiss UMEF is still anchored in my memory until now. What he gave me was hope and motivation.

SU has a very multicultural atmosphere, with students coming from very different countries and different continents. The staff are very friendly and helpful, and the classes are small, so we can build strong relationships with the professors.

Situated in Geneva, the city of international organizations, my university has one of the best programmes of International Relations and Diplomacy. Our professors come from all over the world and they have wide experience at international level. The subjects are all interesting, and the classes are based on debating and building our analytical skills.

Growing up in a diplomatic family, I always wanted to join the field, and getting my education at SU has opened the doors for me.”

Hamadoun DIALLO,


I am 24 years old and am from Mali and the USA. I did my Bachelor’s degree in Canada, at the University of Ottawa, in Social Science specialised in Economics.Since February 2015, I have been a first year student in the MBA programme at the prestigious university, Swiss UMEF. It is undoubtedly a big step to study here and the beginning of a great adventure.

The main motivation which brought me to choose SU was the environment of the city of Geneva. Obtaining your diploma in Geneva offers a considerable opportunity to propel your professional career and especially as SU includes an internship in ourMBA programme, to give us the chance to acquire practical experience in our field.

The organisation of practical and theoretical courses at SU makes learning here pleasant as well as efficient. Having professors of remarkable quality is a real advantage; they are always ready to help us and are really concerned about our future.

I am very happy and proud to be an SU student. I can say that when you chose SU, the unique and friendly environment of this University creates a suchfeeling of membership and pride that you will not want to leave.



At SU I am exposed to such diversity. Meeting fellow students in the Business major from all over the world has opened my eyes. I am seeing great opportunities, more than ever before.



SU has given me the opportunity to be taught by excellent and diverse professors who bring their different experience to class. The small size of the classes gives each student a better way of learning and provides us with an atmosphere of belonging.



I am attending the Bachelor’s course Business Management (French section) and for me to be studying at SU, it has been a privilege. Being able to count on excellent teachers and a multicultural class is what I like the most, being able to learn and interact with people from different countries.

Mamadou SECK

Master of International Relations & Diplomacy

This has been one of the best experiences of my life, with both interesting and effective coursework and a studious and enjoyable ambiance due to the diversity of SU’s staff and the students.