Study in Geneva

Study in Geneva

Living and studying in Switzerland Geneva

Tertiary education standards in Switzerland are very high and lifelong training has become the norm for executives. This explains the unique position of the country as the world’s most innovative. The country has one of the world’s best railway transport systems, linked to that of its neighboring countries, allowing for fast and pleasant travel throughout Europe. A multi-cultural, multi-lingual country, it has been able to absorb major immigration flows from all levels of society, including in the education system, both as professors and as students. Switzerland has always made major contributions to other countries, and suffice it to say that several Russian Czars had Swiss tutors – suffice it to mention François Le Fort’s friendship with Peter the Great.

Geneva, the cosmopolitan

Living in Geneva, a privilege! Living in Geneva is to live in the second most populous city in Switzerland, the first touristic destination in Switzerland which houses world renowned sites such as the fountain of Geneva, the old flower clock, half a century old, symbol of the Swiss clock and watch industry.

Geneva, a peaceful city

Geneva is among the ten cities in the world with the best quality of life. It is situated at the shores of Lake Leman, stretches along both banks of the Rhône and the ù framed by the Saleve and the Jura mountains. The city is rich in art, history, natural and architectural beauty. Strolling there is very peaceful, for example from the botanical garden to the pearl of the lake you will see these saying of an unknown poet on the frontage of the restaurant of the pearl lake: “Happy is he who on these shores can have a long rest. Happy is he who sees them again after he had left them”.

International Geneva

Geneva and New York are the two cities where the headquarters of the United Nations Organization are situated and UNOG of Geneva is the first centre of the busiest multilateral diplomacy in the world for more than a hundred years. International Geneva in the widest sense of the world hosts more than 200 international and non-governmental organizations dealing with areas as diverse as humanitarian action, trade, human rights, environment, training and education, peace keeping, meteorology, intellectual property, nuclear research, labour, health, telecommunications, etc.

Geneva, center of finance and business

Geneva is considered the world’s capital of raw material business which attracts all the enterprises of the sector (merchants, banks, brokers and insurance). In addition, Geneva is the second Swiss financial centre after Zurich and hence it is one of the most important places in the world in terms of private wealth management.

Geneva, the opportunity to boost one’s career

The SU student, who obtains his qualifications of higher learning in Geneva, has the possibility of having job opportunities in local and international enterprises as well as in international organizations present in Geneva. Indeed, the higher the qualification, the higher the chances of finding a good job.

Geneva and the cost of living

Geneva is ranked among the three most expensive cities in the world. Account has been taken of the appreciation of the Swiss franc and items such as clothing, rents, transportation, recreation, public services, private schools, etc to arrive at such a conclusion. However, there is also evidence that salaries in Switzerland are higher than elsewhere.