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Château d'Aïre

185 – 187 Route d’Aïre
1219 Aïre – Geneva, Switzerland

+41 (0) 22 732 07 12
(For general inquiries)



Château d'Aïre

187 Route d’Aïre
1219 Aïre – Geneva, Switzerland

+41 (0) 22 732 07 22

(President office related inquiries)


Château d'Aïre

185 Route d’Aïre
1219 Aïre – Geneva, Switzerland

+41 (0) 22 732 07 12
(For admission only)

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School of Law

The UMEF school of law is a tightly-knit community where students and faculty develop excellence in the pursuit of knowledge in this vital subject, leading to a vast array of careers.

This intensive, high-profile programme transfers ideas, skills, and values to inspire future leaders in the legal profession. The school of law has both an English and a French section. Admission is granted upon the receipt and examination of a complete file, which is to be addressed to UMEF or to be submitted during an interview with the Admissions Officer.

No original documents must be attached, as the university cannot be held responsible in case they get lost. Once the file is examined, prospective students will be asked to present the original diploma. At the end of each academic cycle, the student will be required to write a dissertation for which he or she will be assigned a mentor.

The topic of the dissertation bears on one of the subjects covered during the curriculum and, both at the undergraduate and graduate level, an oral defence of the dissertation is done in front of the jury made up of two professors. The thesis requirements at doctoral level have separate requirements, which can be found in the relevant brochure. The curriculum follows the structure of the Bologna Process and blends theory with the acquisition of professional experience through internships.

Admission Process

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Admission Requirements


Tuition Fee

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