School of IT

School of IT

School of Information Technology

The School of Information Technology provides highly rated undergraduate and graduate programs for the education of professionals in the fields of information technology. It prepares students for a career in a fast-changing industry in which they succeed as network administrators, programmers, systems analysts and web developers.

There is an English and a French section.

Admission is granted upon the receipt and examination of a complete file to be addressed to SU or to be submitted during an interview with the Admissions Officer. No original must be attached as the university cannot be held responsible in case of loss. Once the file is examined, prospective students are asked to present the original of their diploma. At the end of each cycle, the student writes a dissertation for which he is assigned a mentor.

The topic of the dissertation bears on one of the subjects covered during the curriculum and, at undergraduate and graduate level, an oral defence is done in front of the jury made up of two professors.

The curriculum follows the structure of the Bologna Process and blends theory with the acquisition of a professional experience through internships.