The doctorate programme aims to produce researchers capable of making a significant contribution to the study of political issues, international relations and management, and to the development of each discipline.

The programme’s activities are focused on the different modes of understanding and conceptualizing transformations in the modern world, particularly the restructuring of political space (calling-into-question of sovereignties, porosity of borders, transformations of power and might), globalization, governance, participative democracy, the redefinition of identities and affiliations, the reconfiguration of government intervention and public policy, as well as the re-evaluation of policy as established in the field of theory, management of a research department, intellectual property, the luxury market, human resources, supply chain in a global economy, the structure of commodity markets, antitrust policy, emerging markets, etc.

Training will centre on the deepening of theoretical knowledge and analytical skills, developing a critical perspective and integrating a work team. Ph.D. students will be given guidance by the professors and the research team within each department. The doctoral studies aim to produce researchers capable of: Producing innovative scientific works Contributing to shifts in thinking Ensuring the development and deepening of theoretical reflection and analysis methods. The thesis subject therefore needs to be an original research project that contributes to the discipline’s development.