General Description :

This is a three-year programme that allows candidates to obtain a doctoral qualification through a series of workshops and a thesis centred on issues specifically related to their own professional activities. The thesis requires an interventional research to solve a specific problem or improve productivity in industry or services on a particular managerial area.

The seminars are delivered by highly qualified faculty that have a blend of academic cutting-edge knowledge and practical experience. In each seminar they will share their experience in contemporary research issues in their specific field. This will allow participants to understand present research directions.

Training objective :

At the end of this programme participants will have mastered research methods enabling an improvement in their problem-resolution and decision-making process and will have analysed the importance of each of the topics that influence corporate and public institutions.

They will have become expert leaders in intervention research.

They will have developed core competencies in the various fields covered in this programme.

General Characteristics :

The program of study is organized in modules. Credits for each module are shared between research, improving managerial skills, advancing report and research writing skills. The delivery of seminars is conducted through lectures, exercises and practical work in class.

In order to obtain the DBA degree they aim at, students must cumulate:

  • 66 credits for the DBA programme over at least three years and a maximum of five years

First year 24 Credits Each Seminar 3 Credits

  • Research Methodology: Qualitative
  • Research Methodology: Quantitative
  • Information Technologies for Business Research
  • Current Issues in Business Management
  • Advanced Studies in Marketing (Competitive Marketing)
  • Organizational Power & Politics
  • Advanced Strategic Management
  • International Exchanges and Visit in Geneva
  • Second year Third Semester

Second year 24 Credits Each Seminar 3 Credits

  • Current Issues in Economics
  • Geo-economics
  • Advanced studies in Finance & Investment
  • Entrepreneurship & Business Development
  • Innovation & Process Management
  • Organisational Change
  • Global Leadership
  • Global Business

Third year 18 Credits Each Seminar 3 Credits

  • Research Methodology to improve the thesis
  • Research Seminar
  • Thesis (12 Credits)

Contact :

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1201 Geneva – Switzerland
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