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Château d'Aïre

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1219 Aïre – Geneva, Switzerland

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Château d'Aïre

187 Route d’Aïre
1219 Aïre – Geneva, Switzerland

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Château d'Aïre

185 Route d’Aïre
1219 Aïre – Geneva, Switzerland

+41 (0) 22 732 07 12
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Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA)

General Description :

The Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) covers the essential elements required by managers and leaders in the business world of the 21st century in a context of major changes.

This course allows participants to develop their power of analysis and a strategic approach to corporate management. It encourages participants to be creative and entrepreneurial.

Having a highly qualified faculty that also has the professional expertise, ensures high quality and an important contribution to reach excellence in the objectives of the programme.

We aim to train the innovative leaders through courses and discussion between the faculty and the participants

Training objective :

  • Allow an important career through the creation of knowledge in all managerial subjects.

  • Participate efficiently in the development of a professional project

  • Take advantage of the expertise of a senior faculty

  • Build an important network with students of an international university

  • Obtain a Swiss university diploma

  • Study a programme embedded in practice.

Opportunities :

Middle managers in international organisations, public and private corporations; senior managers of corporations, project managers, head of human resources.


First year:

  • Economics for managers

  • Finance and accounting for managers

  • Corporate financial management and micro-finance

  • Corporate taxation

  • Human capital development

  • Leadership and negotiation techniques

  • Organisational behaviour and emotional intelligence

  • Consumer behaviour

  • Strategic management

  • Change management

  • Business policy and business model

  • Business intelligence

Second year

  • Thesis methodology

  • International business

  • Innovation management

  • Entrepreneurship and innovation

  • Total quality management

  • Comparative management systems

A one-week block of 50 hours is held after the last workshop covers research methodology so as to assist participants in the writing of their dissertation. By selecting Swiss UMEF University, you have the privilege of working with a highly qualified international faculty, highly qualified, and having a cutting-edge professional experience.

Admission Process

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Admission Requirements


Tuition Fee

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