34 Years of History SU

34 Years of History SU

34 Years of History

Founded in April 1984 by Professor Marc François Maret, SWISS UMEF UNIVERSITY (SU), formerly known as ISGC (Institut de Supérieur de Gestion et Communication), has as its objective to train students in schools of Business, Law, Diplomacy and Information Technology.

While still under Professor Maret’ management, SU registered a resounding success with an ever increasing number of students. When Mr Maret retired in 2010, Professor Djawed Sangdel took over the management of the institution. Upon taking office, Mr. Sangdel drew up new programmes.

He surrounded himself with highly experienced advisors so as to strengthen excellence in education and research and make SU an outstanding knowledge cent.

He put in place a new strategy of opening the university to the world through the creation of partnerships with other universities around the world. In five years, Djawed Sangdel opened six SU campuses on three continents (Dakar, Kabul, Geneva) and signed ten cooperation agreements with several private universities.