Master of Arts in International Relations & Diplomacy

Master of Arts in International Relations & Diplomacy

Master of Arts in International Relations & Diplomacy

The Master of International Relations and Diplomacy curriculum has a multi-disciplinary scope. Required courses cover the core disciplines of international relations, political science, economics, international law, international organizations, and diplomacy; a broad range of electives is available to explore other areas of international affairs. They will examine the dynamics, structural characteristics, humanitarian issues and international political economics operating within the global community. In the course of their studies, students will acquire a range of analytical and practical skills, creating potential for careers in journalism, public administration and law. Additionally, a degree in international relations provides a good grounding in the expanding sector of international organisations. Students will explore the political dynamics that influence interstate cooperation and assess the specific role that international organisations such as the United Nations play in promoting international peace and security.

Courses Description:

International relations 45 ECTS Credits

  • Introduction and concepts in international relations
  • The United Nations Functions
  • World Trade Organization (WTO)
  • The European Union Institutions
  • Diplomatic tools in conflict management I & II
  • International development policies
  • Theory and practice of diplomacy
  • Security, peace and conflict
  • Non-Governmental Organizations
  • The impact of BRICS on the international scene
  • A mono or a pluri-polar world?
  • Research project in international relations
  • Research workshop : 1st step for the Dissertation
  • Foreign Policy and Decision Making

Political sciences 9 ECTS Credits

  • Introduction and concepts in political science
  • Methods in political sciences (qualitative and quantitative)
  • Political institutions

Economics 9 ECTS Credits

  • Current trends in economy
  • International trade theories
  • Financial markets

Law and Geopolitics 9 ECTS Credits

  • International Economic Law
  • Geo-politics and Geo-economics
  • Geopolitics of commodities

History 9 ECTS Credits

  • History of diplomacy
  • History of globalization: Cultural phenomena
  • The evolution of women in modern societies

Management Science 9 ECTS Credits

  • Political marketing and communication
  • Leaders of the 20th century & 21th century
  • Human capital

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