Course :

SME management

Program content :

  • What is management?
  • The external environment
  • Set goals
  • Planning
  • Employees
  • The structure of an SME
  • Introduction to the supply chain
  • Control processes
  • Introduction to Accounting and Taxation
  • Introduction to marketing and sales
  • Legal aspects

Purposes or goals :

Allow participants to understand the basics of SME management to meet current challenges such as human resource planning, SME structure and control processes, accounting and taxation basics, marketing principles sales and the legal aspects of an SME.

Educational goals :

At the end of the training the participant will be able to :

  • Distinguish the roles and functions of the various players in a company
  • Explain why external factors influence the development and strategy of personnel planning
  • Understand the importance of good organization of the supply chain
  • Understand the basics of accounting and taxation
  • Understand the basics of marketing and sales
  • Identify the ways in which an employer must protect his rights and the rights of his employees.

Certification :

Certificate of Swiss UMEF University in SME Management

Duration :

60 hours of training + 2 hours of exam

Beginning of the course :

September 2018

Timetable :

18:00 to 21:30

Frequency :

Twice a week

Maximum number :

18 participants

Course location :

Rue de Lausanne 45-47 – 1201 Geneva

Course price :

1’390 CHF

Target audience :

  • Owners and employees of SMEs
  • Anyone in retraining / development

Conditions d’admission :

Be proficient in French to follow the trainer’s courses and explanations, as well as be able to read the theories of the course material.