Finding work without first obtaining any real or practical experience can be frustrating. Changing careers without having really researched and sampled a new area is often impossible. However, undertaking one or more internships is an excellent way to break the loop and gain the required experience.

UMEF, therefore, encourages its students to undertake at least one internship during the duration of their studies. These work placements allow the student to gain first-hand experience of the realities of the world of business. It is accepted a practice that an internship is a requirement of any good and complete education in today’s world.

Every internship requires clearly defined pedagogical objectives, which is why each placement is agreed upon with the company, the student and the student advisor, beforehand with the aim of enabling the intern to develop the theory and skills that he or she has learnt in a professional environment while, at the same time, offering constructive feedback on the learning objectives that have been agreed upon and helping students to successfully integrate into the world of business on termination of their studies.