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Bachelor of Law & Master of Law

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Ambassador Jean-Marie EHOUZOU

Permanent Representative of the African Union Commission in Geneva

SU at a glance

In choosing Swiss UMEF University (SU), you are taking a step in the right direction for two main reasons. The first is the privilege of studying in Geneva, in the heart of Europe and at the centre of global finance and diplomacy. The second reason is the ability of SU to combine this advantage of this location with unique opportunities in international education.

SU offers programmes and facilities that assist students in selecting the most favourable paths for them to reach their career objectives. By joining us you will have the privilege of studying in an environment which is both satisfying academically and enriching personally.

Thanks to the multicultural environment provided by our faculty, your fellow students and the city of Geneva, SU offers you a dynamic and rewarding foundation for success.

What we offer:

  • Highly qualified faculty from over 20 different countries
  • High quality, relevant, in-demand programmes
  • Campuses on three continents
  • Connection to a network of universities around the globe
  • A dynamic and friendly learning environment
  • Learning in Geneva, a city with a diverse cultural life
  • The possibility of obtaining a double degree from SU Geneva and our partner universities
  • Swiss excellence with an international perspective
  • International exchange programmes
  • Students from countries across the world