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Frequently asked questions

What are the contact details of the University?

The general contact details are as follows: SWISS UMEF UNIVERSITY (Château d’Aïre) 185 – 187 Route d’Aïre 1219 Aïre – Geneva, Switzerland +41 22 732 07 12, +41 22 732 07 11 info@umef-university.ch

Where can I send the application form?

The completed application file can be sent by post or via email to: SWISS UMEF UNIVERSITY (Château d’Aïre) 185 – 187 Route d’Aïre 1219 Aïre – Geneva, Switzerland
Email: admission@umef-university.ch Please note that only fully completed applications will be considered.

What Accreditations and Recognitions UMEF has?

UMEF is recognised for its outstanding level of management and educational system from three leading accreditation agencies IACBE, CHEA and ASIC. It is also a member of several outstanding accreditation agencies in the USA. UMEF is also proud to maintain academic excellence. For complete information, please click here.

Where is UMEF situated?

The campus is located in an old priory in Geneva, Switzerland that dates back to the 15th century. It is a classified monument, which was restored in 1917 and is constantly maintained in perfect order. The campus covers an area of 18,400 sq. m. It is a magnificent environment with a view of the Rhône River and the iconic Salève Mountain. In this environment, students will be able to concentrate on their studies and be involved in the research.

What courses UMEF offers?

We offer courses in the following specializations from Bachelor to Doctorate level:

1. School of Business

2. School of Law

3. School of Diplomacy

4. School of Political Science

5. School of Information Technology

For the full list of courses, click on the Schools name provided above.

What are the admission requirements?

The applicants must submit the following documents for admission into a Bachelor / Master or DBA/PhD programme:

  • Copy of official certificate – Baccalaureate, Maturate High School or equivalent
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent from an approved university/college (for Master only)
  • Bachelor’s and master’s degree or equivalent from an approved university/college (for DBA/PhD only)
  • Copies of all transcripts
  • An application form for admission, duly completed and signed
  • Strong command of written and spoken English or French (IELTS / TOEFL)*
  • A Curriculum Vitae, duly signed and dated
  • A copy of your passport and identity card if living abroad
  • Four recent passport photos
  • Proof of financial resources*
  • A list of all your published works (optional)**
  • Presentation of a research project (minimum 10 pages)**
  • A 250–350-word motivation letter
  • An interview with the Vice-Rector of AcademicAffairs
  • A non-refundable registration fee of CHF 150
(*For international students) (**For DBA/PhD only)

What are the tuition fees?

Please click here to find the tuition fees details:

How does it feel and how much it costs to live in Geneva, Switzerland?

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