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Château d'Aïre

185 – 187 Route d’Aïre
1219 Aïre – Geneva, Switzerland

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Château d'Aïre

187 Route d’Aïre
1219 Aïre – Geneva, Switzerland

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Château d'Aïre

185 Route d’Aïre
1219 Aïre – Geneva, Switzerland

+41 (0) 22 732 07 12
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Mini-MBA in Building Strategic Skills



This tailored programme shows how to implement strategic thinking and planning, highlighting the issues that matter for your career and for your corporation. It shows delegates how to apply key concepts in making crucial decisions.

Key Benefits and Takeaways

  • Understanding long term trends and challenges and their impact on the business world

  • Understanding the need for a corporation to have a sustainable unique position.

  • Discovering the key competencies needed for industry leadership and a long-lasting competitive advantage.

  • Understanding how to structure an organization to create more value.

  • Providing a comprehensive look at winning strategies.

Who Should Attend this Programme?


Diplomats, Traders, Politicians, Government Officials, Business People, Academics wishing to expand their knowledge in Business Strategy.

Professionals, who are new to the Business, and those who need a refresher, will be able to broaden their knowledge and gain a sound overview.

Distinguished International Faculty


The calibre of a University or Business School can be determined by the excellence of its faculty and Students, and SWISS UMEF UNIVERSITY has many distinguished members who are leaders in their fields and on the cutting edge of intellectual thought.

We are proud of our ability to attract people of the highest calibre. Our success in competing for talent with other top international universities, both locally and internationally is a mark of our international standing. And in turn, our President and the faculty enable innovative and pertinent programmes for our international student body to develop.

Networking Opportunities


This programme creates the opportunity for delegates of diverse backgrounds and cultures to share and confront their ideas, experience and best practices. Durable links are established among executives and professionals.

Continuing education is recognized more than ever as a career necessity at all levels for business and industry professionals. Swiss UMEF Mini MBA in Building Strategic Skills are eligible to meet the continuing education requirements of Business Executives.



DAY 1: Strategic decision-making


  • Identifying strategic issues

  • What is a strategic decision

  • Reasoning flaws and blind corners

  • Influence of culture

DAY 2: Strategic innovation

  • Creative thinking

  • The innovation cycle

  • Implementing an innovation policy

  • Patent and copyright issues

DAY 3: Competitive strategies

  • Value-based strategies

  • Growth through diversification

  • Growth through vertical integration

  • Strategic alliances

DAY 4: Capital intelligence

  • The capital intelligence process

  • Competitor profiling

  • Techniques for tracking competitors

  • Distributing intelligence



What we look for:

  • Solid intellectual ability

  • Solid English or French foundation

  • Progression in your career to date

  • Proof of leadership and management potential

  • Excellent interpersonal skills

  • A desire to learn and contribute to the learning of others

  • Work experience: Minimum 5 years of senior experience

  • Academic qualifications: Minimum Bachelor degree or Equivalent


  • Campus: Geneva

  • Organiser: School of Business

  • Recognition of Completion: Mini MBA Certificate in Business Diplomacy and International Finance

  • Numbers of participants: 12 Delegates

  • Duration: 4 DAYS FULL TIME

  • Teaching language: English and French Section



Admission Process

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Tuition Fee

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