We offer exchange programmes of students and faculty between our different campuses and other partners on the three continents (Africa, Asia, and Europe).

Through this programme, students have the opportunity to obtain a double degree by following a year of study in one of the universities that are part of the partnership programme.

This allows them to attain the prospects for further education and professional integration. Several universities and institutions of higher learning are part of our network (foreign universities notably French, including schools of business, management and finance etc).

The partnership project’s main objective is to develop strong links between universities, links also concerning the teaching-pedagogy section as well as the training of trainers, research, documentation and administration. Global Business School Barcelona offers students the possibility of studying one year in Spain to obtain a double degree.

Specializations exist in Global Communications, Global Management, Global Marketing and Global Entrepreneurship. The school was a finalist in the 2013 International Business Ethics Business Case Competition. It was showcased by Newsweek as a Leader in Global Education. Students obtaining a double degree have an easier access to intellectually and financially rewarding careers.