Bachelor of Arts in International Relations & Diplomacy

Bachelor of Arts in International Relations & Diplomacy

Bachelor of Arts in International Relations & Diplomacy

This programme offers a top-flight education in the field of international politics, economics and international relations. Other subjects include international political economics, international law, policy and strategic management, European institutions and major issues concerning international business. The curriculum is designed to enable students to examine and understand the complexities and processes involved in the relationships among institutions of international governance. They will examine the dynamics, structural characteristics, humanitarian issues and international political economics operating within the global community. During the course of their studies, students will acquire a range of analytical and practical skills, offering the potential for careers in journalism, public administration and law. Additionally, a degree in international relations provides a good grounding in the expanding sector of international organisations. This is important as Geneva is home to many of the world’s NGOs and the major international organisations. Students will explore the political dynamics that influence interstate cooperation and assess the specific role that international organisations such as the United Nations play in promoting international peace and security.

Courses Description:

First Year

  • English Effective Writing I
  • English Effective Writing II
  • Public Speaking and Presentation Skills
  • History of Law I
  • Introduction to Management I
  • Introduction to Marketing
  • Human Resource Management
  • History of Law II
  • Constitutional Law I
  • Principles of Economics – Micro
  • Principles of Economics – Macro
  • Constitutional Law II
  • Management II
  • Leadership Development
  • Constitutional Law III

Second Year

  • Introduction to International Relations
  • International Law I
  • Democracy and Development
  • History of Switzerland I
  • History of Islam
  • History and politics of  Modern Europe
  • History of Modern Russia
  • Economic development and demography
  • History and politics of  Modern America
  • Introduction to International Relations II
  • Theories of international relations
  • History and Diplomacy
  • Media and international Affairs
  • History of Switzerland II
  • Political Philosophy I

Third Year

  • European institutions and governance
  • International Law II
  • Security and Foreign policies of Europe
  • International organizations
  • American foreign policies
  • SRE of Enterprise
  • Swiss foreign policies
  • Current affairs in international relations
  • Comparative Politics
  • International Political Economy
  • Political Peace
  • Political leaders of the 20th century
  • Political Philosophy II
  • Thesis or internship


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