Founded in Geneva on April 26, 1984, with the aim of creating the leaders of tomorrow in various countries and professions, UMEF has welcomed students of 28 different nationalities who had the privilege of learning with a highly qualified international faculty who possess a balance of cutting-edge theory and practice in their respective fields.

UMEF is currently active in three continents – Europe, Africa and Asia – giving its faculty the opportunity to lecture in its various campuses, which enriches their experience with highly culturally diverse groups and, in turn, they relay this enrichment to their students. Moreover, UMEF has introduced the Bologna ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) in all its campuses.

UMEF has a double accreditation: ASIC and IACBE and is certified by EduQua. Among these three, IACBE is recognised by CHEA, the largest organisation in the USA that specialises in higher education quality.

UMEF has decided to be in the historic continuity of Europe’s outstanding university background and, thus, its campus is located in a 15th-century castle in Geneva. Furthermore, it offers on its facility, an approximately two-hectare campus, which allows students to study in a pleasing and beautiful environment.